Our objective is to have at least 31 groups of people, each group praying for one day a month.   Presently, there are 19 groups praying.  That leaves 13 days open.

If your church wants to start a prayer group, first pick from our prayer schedule a day that is available.  Then call (509 951 8351) or email ( Mike Sheridan to cover the details and provide assistance if you need it.  

Rome wasn’t built in a day; it will probably take many months before your group is praying anywhere near all 24 hours.  Start small…many of our groups started with 4 to 8 prayer warriors, then expanded.  Sign people up for half-hour or hour-long slots during your day.  They commit to pray at that day and time, and can pray wherever they are; home, work, your church, etc.

Some churches in Spokane have chosen to have a sermon on prayer preached, and later in the service  (see “Prayer Coordinator” below) makes an announcement about the Spokane Prayer Initiative and your new group, and we help sign them up after the service.  Alternatively, you can have a web-based signup.

*Prayer Coordinator:  Each church should have a person who organizes the administration of the group, managing the schedule and reminding (usually via email) people to pray one day prior to their monthly prayer day.  If you are reading this, that person might be YOU.