The seven spheres of prayer for Spokane

(Remember to focus on unity within the many congregations in our city)


*That parents will study to know their children’s natures, and will guide them in the good

works which God prepared beforehand, for which they were created (Ephesians 2:10).

*That God will invade Spokane families with love and freedom from sin.

*That 100 Christian families in Spokane will either foster or adopt children in 2017.

*That sexual purity will be encouraged & sin that contributes to fatherlessness reduced.

*That abortions will be reduced in this and subsequent years.

*That marriage will be supported and gender distinctions upheld.



*For the diligence of all government employees, and interdepartmental collaboration.

*For our courts to judge fairly and uphold the US Constitution.

*For crime in our County to be reduced and perpetrators brought to justice.

*For recidivism rate reduction through the preaching of the Gospel to the incarcerated.



*For fair and edifying reporting, and injustice and tyranny exposed.

*For Christians in media speaking up regarding Godly principles and stories.



*That our governmental agencies and courts treat businesses fairly.

*That Christian businesses be exemplary in obedience in compliance to God and the

authorities He has placed over them.

*That best/Godliest business practices be promulgated business-to-business.



*For the preaching of God’s Word and the Praising of His Name throughout Spokane.

*That unbelievers will be drawn by the Word and empowered by the Spirit to respond.

*That children will be trained up and believers grow in Christlikeness.

*That the unity, collaboration and fellowship among believers and churches increase.

*That your church develops unity in fellowship, prayer and truth with (name 4) others.



*That God will raise up parents and teachers who will pray for children, the love of

Christ maturing in them, and for protection of the students.

*For strength and wisdom for administrators, teachers and coaches, toward

encouragement and God’s will for each student.

*For “Churches Loving Schools”, churches befriending schools and God bringing His

favor, more collaboration and relationships that earn the right to preach Christ.



*For physical healing and financial provision for the ill and injured.

*For encouragement for healthcare workers to walk out their faith with wisdom and

confidence. For improvement in the loving care of the emotionally/mentally ill.

*For God’s wisdom and peace to engulf healthcare administrators and decision-makers.